Movie Night In? We have got just what you need to make it extra special! 


Our all new Movie Night Box comes full to the brim with tasty goodies that will make you feel like you're at the movies! Candy inspired Popcorn, Candyfloss, Pick & Mix, Classic Sweets & Drinks! What more could you need! 


Available in Classic or American! 


Classic Movie Night - RetroCorn (Candy Inspired Corn),Chew Bars, Candy Floss, An Assortment of Classic Sweet Shop Favourites PLUS 1KG Pick & Mix! 2 Cans & a large bag of Marshmallows! This box contains over £33.00 worth of goodies!


American Movie Night - RetroCorn (Candy Inspired Corn), Laffy Taffy, Twinkies, Airheads, Dr Pepper Candy Floss, Theatre Boxes, American Chocolate & Red Vines! PLUS 1KG Pick & Mix & 2 Cans of American Soda! This box contains over 40.00 worth of goodies!


All flavours are chosen at random & vary depending on stock levels. 

Movie Night Mega Box!