2kg of Pick & Mix! Yes 2000g!


A giant box filled with pick & mix!


Select 10 layers of your favourite Pick & Mix! 


You will receive a 2kg box of Pick & Mix including packaging.


You may select upto 10 sweets - Please see below sweet options or browse through our Sweet Shop to see our full range! 


 Please add the names of your 10 selected sweets in the note section & we will make up your box for you! If you need help please just ask us in our live chat!


Add an extra 1KG for just £8.99!


You can also select Sour Mix, Classic Mix Or Super Mix (A mixture of all our sweets!) if you can't decide which to pick!


Options: Vanilla Fudge, Chocolate Fudge, Banoffee Fudge, Rum & Raisin Fudge, Rum Balls, Jazzies, Snowies, Giant Jazzies, Mega Snowies, White Mice, Spinning Tops, Candy Cones, Spinning Tops, Pink Hearts, Cinder Toffee, Sherbet Pips, Fruit Pips, Raspberry Pips, Bubblegum Pips, Floral Gums, Cherry Lips, Coconut Mushrooms, Liquorice Allsorts, Liquorice Comfits, Liquorice Toffees, Banana Split Toffees, Creamy Toffees, Salted Caramel Toffees, Mint Toffees, Chocolate Eclairs, Wine Gums, Midget Gems, Aniseed Balls, Lemon Sherbets, Chocolate Limes, Small Pear Drops, Rhubarb & Custard, Rosey Apples, Chocolate Raisins, Strawberry Bonbons, Raspberry Bonbons, Toffee Bonbons, Lemon Bonbons, Apple Bonbons, Watermelon Bonbons, Bubblegum Bonbons, Kola Cubes, Pineapple Cubes, Raspberry Cubes, Tutti Fruiti Cubes, Tongue Painters, Jelly Unicorns, Baby Dolphins, Meerkats, Friendship Rings, Turtles, Heart Throbs, Twin Cherries, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles, Bubblegum Bottles, Giant Strawberries, Teddy Bears, Fried Eggs, Chocolate Beans, ABC Letters, Shrimps, Bananas.



Pick & Mix - 2KG Box

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