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LIMITED TO ONE PER CUSTOMER! - We have now limited the sale boxes to one per customer to make it fair for all!  Our Pinata Pantry Sale Box is an absolute bargain!  Sale Boxes contain products that may not be as pretty as others but are perfectly good to eat! Sometimes they contain turtles that are maybe missing a leg or a chocolate dinosaur that has got a little damaged in transit! They are very yummy just not perfect! Bags may also contain products with a short date (Less than a month to eat!)  These boxes are always limited & always fantastic value! Each month our bags vary depending onwhat has been damaged or is coming to the end of its best before but if you fancy a big bag of treats for a fraction of the price this is the best for you! Please note: These boxes are made up purely of what we have that fits the criteria therefore some months there may be just one or two boxes, some months there may be ten! We can not create the bags without the products so unfortunely you have to be quick to grab these bargains!  Sale boxes will always contain over the rrp of the price you pay & may include: Broken boxed items, broken candy or chocolate, sweets that may not be perfect in shape or products with less than a month to eat - All products are perfectly fit to eat & enjoy, they are purely reduced for their appearance.  This product is limited to one per customer*