Do you remember that delicious taste of Skittles Vodka? Well now you can recreate it with our Sweet Shop Bottles Range!


All you need to do is choose your favourite sweets & we will create your bottle fo you! 


Then simply add your favourite spirit to the bottle (Vodka or Gin work best) then let it sit for 24hrs & enjoy!


We suggest serving over ice, with lemonade or tonic!


Why not treat yourself today? These also make fantastic gifts! 


Choose from our popular mixtures or custom make a bottle! 


- Some sweets may require you to pass the liquid through filter paper after the resting period to get rid of any sugary lumps!


Please note due to the size of the neck of the bottle some sweets such as Lemon Sherbets will be crushed. If your choice of sweets will not fit into the bottle neck we will ever crush them or chop them up into small chunks. 


























Sweet Shop Bottles - Create Your Own!