Want a hit of nostalgia? This is the box for you!

Our Throwback Box contains all of the best sweets from our retro section!


You will find all of our best-selling classics inside including items such as: Sugar Mice, Kola Cubes, Original Bubblegum, Catherine Wheels, Floral Gums, Flying Saucers, Fruit Salad & Black Jacks, Sherbet Pips & more!


Whether you want these tasty treats for yourself or want to send them to a loved one so they can enjoy a truly nostalgic experience, this is the perfect box for you!


Don’t like liquorice? Not a problem, at the checkout you will find a note section where you can request no liquorice in your box!


Each box will vary slightly to the image shown as flavours & colours of products are chosen at random.


Go Large & receive extra Retro Sweets for an even bigger treat!

The Throwback Box