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Here at Piñata Pantry we are dedicated to providing every customer with the smile of a child in a sweet shop! Sweet shops are disappearing from our high streets & we are here to ensure the classic treats we love don't disappear with them!

Our Online Sweet Shop stocks over 500 types of Pick & Mix! Including

 Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy Free & Halal sweets. Plus a huge

range of American Candy, Handmade Fudge & Retro Sweets!

Piñata Pantry's aim is to ensure that our customers get their favourite sweet treats 

delivered directly to their door! We also have a huge gift range with plenty of personalised items helping you & us spread the candy joy a little further. 

We are based in Lumbfoot, Stanbury but do delivery UK wide.

Our Story

Pinata Pantry is a small independent owned by Lucy & Steve... Here's a little bit about how we got here... For a few years I (Lucy) had been working for one of those big, unloving companies... However, I loved parts of my job! I got to open beautiful Sweet Shops up and down the country! Then I met Steve... & the trouble began...

Quite quickly I realised I didn't want to drive up and down the country, staying in hotels and never seeing home, for someone who was less than grateful, as well as creating another big giant. So it was time to hand in my notice and begin our own journey together I launched Pinata Pantry just a few short months after leaving my job & even through a pandemic our lovely customers have showed us everyday it was the right decision! We quickly grew to the point that Steve could leave his role as a restaurant manager to join in on all the fun of Pinata! Although some days he eats as many sweets as he If we're ever out of stock of your favourite... At the heart of Pinata Pantry are two people who love Sweet Treats & making people happy! So that is what we dedicate our days to & it is the best! We love creating new products  & gifts to spread the love in sweet form!

The Piñata Pantry Team


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