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Here at Piñata Pantry we have decided to take a stand against tiny treats this Christmas! 👀💪  Are you sick of having a teeny tiny chocolate in your advert calendar? Want a real size treat? We do to! 🥳❤️🍫  This year instead of providing Advent Calendars with a tiny door hiding a tiny treat, we've scrapped the doors completely! We won't be hold back by tiny doors any longer! 💪😍🍫  Our advent this year has full size treats in every numbered sweety bag! 🍬 You can choose Classic, American or Children's! 🍫 You will receive 24 numbered Traditional Sweet Bags containing 24 delicious full size treats! 😍❤️  Will you stand with us in this fight against tiny treats? 💪🍬🍫  we are advising to order all advents before the 20th of November to ensure you have your calendar for the 1st of December as Christmas postal delays may occur. 🎅

Pinata Pantry Advent Calender!

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